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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news and good morning top stories we are following the weather. the rain is back and we're seeing the results. we have reports of car accidents and flooding. the lights on the bay bridge on the upper deck had been out. >> that looks like in their starting to clear in the north bay but now this kind of backing out of it. >> it is kind of stalling and we have not seen much movement. it is still raining relatively heavy in the east bay and the south bay. we're seeing a lot more moisture coming off the coast line. they're picking
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up heavier rain for portions of the north bay as well as the coast line. heavy rain just south of walnut creek and that is interstate 680 heading into the san ramon valley. all the low on your screen is livermore. if we're seeing some pretty heavy rain on portions of stanley boulevard. south interstate 580 is dealing with a lot of rain and also most of the surface streets as well. don't be surprised if you run into some flooding we're seeing some pretty heavy raid for interstate 680 in the milpitas area. the coastline has heavy it rain right now. heavy rain over the sale bridge as well. a 10th of an inch per hour, it is not that impressive we have been dealing with that for most of the morning. drive with extra caution approaching the 1 0192 interchange. the
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north bay has heavier rain forest >> calhoun use extra caution approaching the rich and stammer fell bridge. when shall wiper's necessary all over the south bay. this is just the past 12 hours. an inch of rain over san francisco oakland 8 tens of and first this is just the past 12 hours. the numbers look continue to increase throughout the day and i will have full details on to what expected to the weekend coming up in my next report. >> the bay bridge as a hot spot because of a partial power outage. earlier this morning all the lights went out their back on the west end of the bridge but not the east end of the span. the toll plaza does not have much in a way of a back up across all lanes because there is no power to the metering lights this
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morning. just a few moments ago and baby were surprised as to the fact they were still out at the bay bridge toll plaza. fast-track is working but the meeting lights are not. you have an easier time of day toll plaza butted slower time across the bridge. interstate 580 lanes one of a dry one hour drive time. these down ride is jammed up from livermore all the way out to the altamont pass. two big rig collided at northland road at the 2 05 interchange. that is jamming up the traffic. and it union city 880 southbound is jammed because of westbound 84 and eastbound 84. there is flooding. i'm 84 now is canyon road at palo mayor is just west of 680 a mudslide has completely shut down niles canyon road. do we
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stop on interstate 680 for a while. in the south bay there continue province for the guadalupe parkway northbound of flooding at taylor street and the lanes. that is backing of the ride northbound onto 280. 280 have been pretty heavy here headed towards the west valley. you can see it is jammed up coming through cupertino as well. earlier occuring problems at winchester and northbound at woodside have cleared from the alliance of 280. >> looks like a mess out there. mike pelton is giving us the deal and castro valley. we talk to last hour it was coming down pretty hard. has a lot of any at all since then? >> how say it was exactly as it was a half hour ago. is is pouring along castro valley boulevard. a lot of people are getting their morning started. traffic will increase slowly along
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castro valley road. you can see some of the runoff from the building that i'm standing by right here. this has been a very steady downpour all morning. i will leave you with this shot is a hillside road and you can see the run of down castro valley road. it has been like this all morning long for the past couple of hours. you can see the steady flow of water there. if a very wet morning in the east bay. >> you came in from the dublin along 580 howard conditions? >> about 45 minutes ago when i was alongside the 580 it was still relatively backed up. traffic was moving slowly as a result from the earlier accident. the raid did that make easing easier this morning. >> this scene could be from anywhere around the bay right now. the rain is
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coming down pretty good. the wind and cloud cover is making things pretty difficult. >> our problems in the area with pg&e giving us their newest numbers. 9700 customers without power right now. it is down from over 11,000 about two hours ago. we still have about for the people scattered across the north bay with no power. in the south bay a hundred and 50 people are without power 200 in san jose. flight delays issues where experience, cancellations for arriving and departing flights this morning. the dea go with sfo is joining us. >> off right now we're looking at about 50 cancellations split between
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departures and arrivals. airlines and consolidating their schedules where they can in an effort to reduce potential delays. our best advice today is to check with your airline before coming out to the airport to verify the status of your's a good opportunity to find out what options you have for travel today. >> based on what you're saying with the whether and when you're expecting to the afternoon is there a strong possibility we will see more cancellations? >> that is a possibility. airlines try to work with their schedules to mitigate any problems they may experience. we do whatever we can wherever possible. >> headaches headaches headaches at sfo. we will take a quick break and be back in just a moment. a live view of the storm tracker radar here. you
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could see why flights are being delayed as of 0. we have a lot of nasty weather over had and it looks like we it will be with us just a bit longer.
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strong winds across the bay area bridges right now as the very heavy rains continue. big delays that as at all with almost 50 flight cancellations so far. also very slow traffic on the bay
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area rolled away. we will keep you updated as the storm continues to hit us this morning. more storms are on the way. the wall street the dow jones industrial average is up just over 10 points right now. we had pretty poor numbers coming out this morning on consumer spending for the month of october with the contras reporting with a drop in consumer spending. mostly because people were hit by super storm sandy. the government also says the consumer and come stayed flat for the month of october and did not rise. we're watching the dow up 10 points right now. we will have a complete update on trafficked in bay area weather we come back. the heaviest cells are in sound san mateo and livermore. they range is moving through concord but we have some are headed towards fairfield and san jose shortly. even here
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the what you're seeing right now.
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snow was on the way for the sierra. and light at three is 6 in. of snow on wednesday and there are expecting a lot more, over the course of the weekend
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with this system coming through. no. start reporting 7 in. of fresh snow on their trails. 7 ft. is the forecast for the next several days for the higher elevations. not bad for the sierra. of course we have to drive and a here on the bay with all of the rain that is coming in right now. it is causing problems for us this morning. erica storm tracker 4, walk us through it >> been morning james it looks like the rain is picking up. at last check it was raining pretty heavy in the east bay and south bay. now this sitting on the coastline and peninsula and portions of the north bay as well. i do one is imminent take a look at rainfall rates. it is coming down pretty hard in some spots i do want to check it out. right around the san ramon area at looks like we're seeing rain or three tenths of an inch per hour that is
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relatively impressive. half an inch per hour is falling right now in san rafael drive with extra caution. remember there is a flash flood advisory in effect for the north bay. you can see why. we're seeing rain on the east shore freeway the original site of the san rafael bridge decency light rain in livermore and interstate 580 in the surface streets as well. stanley boulevard as we turned her attention to the peninsula is coming down pretty hard for san bruno this is 8380 around the airport. lease received some reports of flooding earlier this morning. rainfall rates, just a 10th of an inch per hour. it is not entirely impressive but this will continue to push its way east. we are seeing heavy rain that will really be centered over san bruno
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and the next couple of minutes. that is something we will continue to monitor. look at the north bay sausalito the golden gate bridge come down with some pretty heavy rain. for as we take a look at what it will impact your neighborhood check that out north beach heavy rain headed your way. 733 this morning albany expected around 746 that is one the have been more intense rain will fall oakland and berkeley leave your house now and dry with extra caution. at that rain is not going anywhere at any time soon. palo alto as heavy rain right now and portions of los gatos. light rain for the rest of the south bay. right now not to bat around san jose menendez. it could change within the next hour or so. we're also could hit the list of strong winds. they have died down compared to
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when we first went on the air we saw winds sustained at the drive with caution over those east west bridges. heavy rain right now 11:00 it will continue to push its way south with maybe some break up for the north bay. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning lingering showers and could be dryer into the afternoon. store no. 3 will come through our night and wake of 7:00 a.m. sunday morning heavy rain starts to infiltrate the north bay. the we are contending with another round. round three this is a one to three punts. the possibility for mudslides and downed trees and power lines and creases over the weekend. almost 2 in. of rain for sander fell and santa rosa and and and vallejo. tomorrow it looks
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like we could accumulate up to 2 in. december fell 2 1/2 inches for santa rosa almost 2 in. for oakland in about an inch in san jose. there are several watches and warnings in effect. the green indicates a flash flood for the north bay and interior valleys of about nine. blue indicates a wind advisory including the sacramento valley the cartoonist rate and the east bay hills and the delta. the less the next couple of hours. 7 day around the bay monitor is wet weather into the we cam dryer by monday but did not put that umbrella away just yet. showers return next tuesday and wednesday. 7:20 a.m. and here's traffic with joint >> the overhead lights are on the west end of the span. caltrans say the lights are back on on the east side of the span. it does not yet look like the metering
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lights have been activated. actually it looks as it has been activated but it cannot be confirmed. it is likely this is just traffic backing up all the way from the base of the in time through the bay area and to the toll plaza westbound. expect a slow ride for the bay bridge. the drive has re 80 of the westbound direction are running at about 19 minutes. about 22 minutes out of the macarthur maze. we of problems on the approach to the dunbarton. first more the hot spots flooding and the north bay shut down 121 between 116 and eighth avenue. that is completely closed down. the guadalupe parkway northbound 87 in the south bay flooded and the lanes there and back of the traffic to interstate 280. and your ride to the dumbarton bridge i mentioned sledding westbound on highway 84 so that of course
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has slowed the ride on 880 southbound. as you come down from hayward it is a much slower commute the unusual. the ride at the dublin gray the westbound interstate 580 and the castro valley is one of the slowest rights we've seen. no incidents to report a slight standing water on the roadway. the big rig accident on 580 eastbound. two big rigs have collided and that has jammed up the ride of away from livermore and then not commute directed use a different route. let's down to 05580 ride is jammed up as you continue all the way out to the dublin interchange. in early morning accident had westbound lanes shut down for two hours. the san mateo bridge of stopped traffic westbound. not a better option for you. the golden gate bridge ride 1 01 southbound we are problem
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free. >> with this kind of rain there is concern of flooding for bay area creeks and streams. one place we watch carefully as sad and some of. at fill up from 6 ft. and is coming down a little. 7 some of leads at 13 ft. before a reached sleds and their. the river went from 60 to 13 ft. and we're talking about 30 ft.. and how blend there is another big storm coming on sunday morning it looks like the russian river could be overflowing its banks on sunday morning. so far so good with the record levels for this storm. >> we will take a quick break at 722 and be back with more headlines in a moment. there is the right there and you can see a mix of light to moderate to heavy rain sprinkle all over the bay area right now. your
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weather is our top story we will be right back.
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this is the poor in rain and castro valley. as long as mike pelton has been out there has been nonstop it's been about hour and half. we're seeing is repeated all around the bay area as we
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have quite a bit of wet weather ahead. and still ahead throughout the remainder of the day. we'll keep you updated about that. the silver lining about the stormy weather is the reservoir is around the bay area are getting the water supply they desperately need especially in the south bay. yesterday before the rain arrives the reservoir morgan hill was only at 13 percent capacity. some south bay reservoirs' benefit from the snow pack that comes down to the sacramento river but this reservoir is entirely dependent on the rain. reservoirs' provide about half of the south bay's water needs. the water main breaking with this week's storm the residents are keeping a very close eye on the rain and hoping the hill will hold. they're hoping that
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the measurements to put in place will work. >> i think were going to be ok. >> contractors hired by daly city have had to stop construction or reconstruction of the hillside in order to gear up for the most recent downpour here. once the rain stops they will go right back to work in helping to rehabilitate that hillside. we're going to take a break. is 7:27 a.m.. the rain, rain everywhere. our coverage continues in a couple of minutes.
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the bay bridge approach is wet cloudy and windy and cold. the toll plaza ride
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his been a real bear this morning. we will talk about that with george but we love to talk to eric the first. a lot going on in a lot to go over. >> that's right they're still heavy rain in the east bay and we have some pretty impressive rainfall totals as well. and north bay we're seeing heavy rain and around san rafael. it looks like it is a shot of storm tracker 4 and the east bay. you can see some heavier rain right now for the east shore freeway around pinole. portions of interstate 680 approaching the salmon on valley. it depends on where you're located. the 58680 dublin interchange is really coming down out there. rainfall rates were coming down that almost half an inch and the north bay. 3107 and in some east bay spot. it is coming down pretty hard and sausalito over the golden gate bridge approaching the marina
7:32 am
district in san francisco. downtown is not too bad. as we turn our attention to the peninsula heavier rain for portions of highway 92 and you can see san mateo foster city alchemy no real and also dealing with some heavy rain. when chilled wipers are moving pretty fast, putting in overtime this morning. the south bay commute has a lot of accidents but light rain for interstate 280. the 1 01 is a heavier sell in 237 approaching the 1 01 interchange. drive with caution and give yourself extra time. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the north bay. that will expire around 9:00 a.m. today. we also have wind advisories for the higher elevations. tomorrow on and off showers and lingering showers associated with this. as we head into tomorrow night stretching into sunday storm three will approach. it will leave its mark. i love you do in
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future cast four and talk rainfall amounts in my next report. >> the bridge westbound to the best of our knowledge the meter and whites have not yet been activated. everyone is just kind of fighting their way through the back up with no metering. it is backed up all away from the island right back through the toll plaza to the beginning of the westbound backup which reaches right to the edge of the macarthur maze. 26 minutes drive times reported coming out of highway 24 for the westbound ride. interstate 580 we have been tracking as a hot spot all morning long. the westbound right coming out in the altamont pass drive times are dropping down to 40 minutes. the eastbound ride is jammed with two big rigs colliding at no. flint road just before 205. it is a solid backup from livermore. use alternate
7:34 am
routes. we have heavier than usual traffic here for the rest of the ride for castro valley. all the heavy traffic that was backed up behind the 680 interchange is now working its way westward toward castro valley. the traffic of 80 southbound head down through union city coming out of hayward to continued delays in north bay 1 01 a shutdown because of flooding between highway 116 and eighth avenue. finally led to the san mateo bridge is also jammed up for your westbound, not a good alternate for either of the bay bridge or the dumbarton bridge there looking out about an 18 to 22 minutes drive time. >> mike pelton has an engaging the situation in castro valley for a little while now. it does not look like conditions have changed too much, it is still coming
7:35 am
down. >> it is even getting a little worse. fibers segment to go and pick up even harder than it and has been all morning long. i do not have a satellite picture in front of me but is very evident a thicker band of rain has come through this area. castro valley boulevard just east of pearl kenyan you could see a lot of traffic out here this morning. this is one moines real crank up the win show wipers as fast as they can go. all things considered this stretch of road traffic is moving very slow moseley smot is kind of humorous to see the people walking with their umbrellas. at the fitness center people are parking and sprinting into the building. additional exercise to try and stay dry. it died down a little
7:36 am
from were was a few minutes ago but it has been gushing over this curb all morning long. a very wet morning and the castro valley. >> that is a great example. are the winds and the temperature, how does that feel? >> winds are not too bad. an hour ago was fairly gusty but that has died down even though the rain is picked up a little bit. the temperature is not too bad, i am in a jacket. it is not too cold. >> the winds are obviously doing a job on softening in the ground and toppling tree branches and the like. that is something pg&e has been dealing with all morning long. >> they were actually worse this morning with 11,000 people without power now we're at about 7500. the north bay was hit hard as with almost 4000 people without power. sonoma county a thousand people peninsula down about 700. pg&e is making quick work of these power outages south bay a
7:37 am
hundred people san francisco numbers are up to 400 san jose down to 90 and in the east bay doing quite well with only 15 people reported without power. >> a new video of flooding coming from the north bay to share with you. the creek lighting cross the road and the park overflowed its banks this morning. cars were not able to cross the roadway and waters were few inches deep and flowing fast. it does not take a whole lot to cause you lose traction and you go where the water goes. we're watching the situation in the north bay and tracking their record levels in the newsroom. this is the only river we have seen it close to and even surpass its banks. we will keep you updated. pictures of the storm as well. a land came down and this is in the north bay. this is a sad sfo with the rain in the street lamp coming in sideways. cloud
7:38 am
cover all last night while folks writing to bed. the threat was there when you went to sleep and now it has materialized. we are in the thick of it. at 7:37 a.m. we will take a quick break. don't forget to send us your pictures at breaking news at kron4 dot com. we will keep showing them during our newscast this morning. the wet weather pattern is pretty large as over the bay area and extends all the way out to tahoe.
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning new is a big problem at the bay bridge the metering lights are out. with that a big back up this morning. along with a heavy rain that fell another accident will have more where the hot spots and more
7:42 am
on our forecast. >> a live look from the supreme court in washington d.c. after more than two years after a federal judge in san francisco ruled that proposition 8 was unconstitutional the supreme court will decide today and possibly take up that case. if the court decides they will not hear the case proposition 8 in that case the ruling from the court in san francisco will stand. gay and lesbian californians will be able to get married level on a to get married as of as next week. if the justices decide to pick up the appeal from opposition made the ruling may not come until next year and same-sex marriage will be on hold in california. for top they will announce whether or not they were hit the california case or on monday. if they do take it they will start arguments in march and a decision will come by the end of june. if not next week we could see same-sex marriages resume. we will follow the latest from the supreme court. >> thank you will take a
7:43 am
quick break with more coverage on storm in a minute. we have a live look at storm tracker 4 to remind you warmest bay area wide and still intends all across the bay. more on that in a minute. a quick reminder. ketch and all new doctor feel in today's episode it is entitled beaten, starved, and locked in a room. a man in his wife made headlines when they were arrested in connection with abuse and starvation for three to five children. >> why does the man say he is innocent will find out today. >>
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we are back. the time is 7:45 a.m. following the latest with the storm system. pg&e has been out all morning long bowling the storm. off they are attempting to get oupower back for those will have lost our pg&e recording 400 outages in san francisco. 700 across the peninsula. in san jose 90 customers without power. overall in the south bay the number is more like 500. in the north bay the hardest- hit area of the bay 3700 customers without power now. pg&e is working around the clock to get the power restored as soon as possible. we will let you know when the numbers are updated. >> we are taking live look at storm tracker 4 giving you an idea how big the system is. it encompasses the tentire area. whether
7:47 am
everywhere in different forms rain, wind, even snow. >>started in the bay area over 12 hours ago. it is a slow mover. this is an impressive rainfall rates for the north bay. as we take a wider view a lot of yellow on your screen we are seeing heavy downpours consistently especially in the east bay. you can see it is currently raining relatively hard in the san ramon valley. rainfall rates show over to 10th of an inch per hour. right around the dublin area a 10th of an inch. as we get into the 1 color you can see some surface streets not inc. almost 1 in. falling per hour. drive with caution.
7:48 am
hair interstate 580 is not a bad. some light rain. heavier rain over the bay bridge on the western end. rainfall rates here it actually looks to be, let us check out oakland. about a 10th of an inch not too bad. almost 3 tenths of an inch for the hpart of the bay. --heart of the bay. the rain is sitting over 380 but is pushing its way into the bay. let us see how long it will take for the yellow on your screen to actually reach the rest of the bay area. it looks like it is not in the path of any of
7:49 am
our cities. it could make its way to union city within the next 45 minutes before it that is my best guess. as we take it to the north bay light rain for sausalito. heavier around the golden gate bridge and it is currently coming down hard in the los gatos area. about two tenths of an inch for rain i did hear reports of flooding for highway 17. it depends on where you're located. futurecast 4 takes a look at what will happen later today. heavy rain will break up in the north bay. heavier rain for the east bay livermore, hayward. the orange/red band pushing its way it to the south bay. as we advance into the 11:00 hour light rain for the north bay and the coast. if we will continue to see scattered showers on the back end. waking up tomorrow morning it looks like round
7:50 am
three makes its way to the bay area sometime saturday into sunday. the heavier stuff sticks north of the golden gate bridge but remember the ground will be moist it will increase the possibility of down trees and power lines. be aware of that as we head into the weekend especially for the north bay. here is a look at rainfall totals for the past 24 hours. over 1 in. for as f " you have to remember the system is not said and done. seven tenths of an inch for napa. almost 3 in. for the santa rosa area. as a resume in the clock you can see later saturday to an ad is for santa rosa. 3 in. for napa. most of the rain will fall in the north bay appeared to in half inches
7:51 am
for hayward. there are several watches and warnings. the green on your screen indicates a flash flood advisory for the north bay mountains. the blue indicates wind advisers for the sacramento valley the cartoonist straight the delta, and the east bay hills. our tanis straightyour ky around the bay forecast shows heavy rain for monday --sunday should be dry monday we will continue its showers tuesday into wednesday. >> there are a number of hot spots the bay bridge due to an early morning power outage loss of the metering lights. it does not appear as if they have been reactivated for the westbound drive. we are seeing slowing across all of the lanes and a westbound direction. we will check again with caltran to see if there has been a change. the
7:52 am
drive time from 880 is running over 20 minutes at over 24 minutes coming out of the macarthur maize. this is an extremely slow ride. so is the san mateo bridge i will it to other hot spots first. the ride in the south bay where we continue to have flooding that is really jamming up the ride on the guadalupe parkway in the northbound direction. the flooding is now backed up nearly two highway aid five out of the armand in valley north bounds. --highway 85. highway 880 in the southbound direction traffic continues to be backed up leading tours of bombardon bridge. where we have flooding in the westbound direction here. niles canyon road is also closed in the westbound direction actually in both directions between mission boulevard and seminal role. that is due to a mudslide.
7:53 am
--a seminaole rd. looking at your golden gate bridge ride there is a slow trip through marin county. speaking of the north bay there is flooding that has highway 121 shut down between 116 and eighth avenue. >> it sucks. i do not know what else to say. we did not know what was going to happen based on the last few weeks here it is such a great team and a great group of guys. we have a tough pill to swallow. the only thing i did to lose my job was get a concussion. >> a tough pill to swallow. good morning gary.
7:54 am
that is the first word we have heard from alex smith. he is right there was something special with the team there were clicking but now. >> i do not blame anything that was ms. said. that other talk about i was happy for the other guy. obviously you do not want anything to happen to anyone of a negative manner but, that stuff is when you are nearing the end of your career you can be happy for other people. when you are right in the middle of your own career and after struggling for six or seven years you are finally starting to blossom. i do not know how i can say it plainer alex smith did not want kaperncik to play over him and for the fans will are getting invested in smith will come around and say this guide is writing a great story, we are buying into it. it is almost like
7:55 am
watching a movie and send a hero struggle at the beginning and come back towards the and all of a sudden the credits,. >> he is a victim of circumstance. i keep going back to again wisdom comes with age i'm telling you harbaugh is running a multimillion-dollar company if he did not think if the team would perform better under kapernick he would not do it. smith is a good guy. he is not some jerk people do not like he is not some guy that shows up late. by the way you are doing this becausbig storm thing by yourself. i have marked here he is helping out. >> is mark lange dow? >> basically. >> is more, laying down
7:56 am
the? >> here is a look at storm tracker for checking the views we have radar maybe we will talk, well we will take a look at the radar on the way back.
7:57 am
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a quick live look from our george lick freeway camera. and look at the bay bridge were rehearsing traffic flow. the metering lights you have more on your weather in commute in just a you have more on your weather in commute in just a minute. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ]
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(male announcer) live from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news. kron 4 news at 8:00 a.m. start now. >> thank you for joining us on this friday november 30th tracking the storm. a wallet for the bay area very heavy rain continuing. we are tracking power outages. the meter lights are out were out on the bay bridge for a time. and cancellations at
8:02 am
as at all. over 50 flights are canceled. i am joined at the weather center we are tracking it barret. >> finally the north bay is getting a break is starting to dry up and portions of napa. we have a lot of yellow on the screen for the east bay, the peninsula, and parts of our south bay. let us zoom in you can see around walnut creek highway 24. this is approaching the caldecott tunnel look at the rainfall rates about two tenths of an inch in some spots. a 10th of an edge in the lighter colored yellow. it depends on where you're located. is coming down in some spots. you can see in the san ramon area over to tenths of an inch of rain. as a resume in you can see interstate 580 are livermore we are encountering heavy rain. expect that on north first street, stanley
8:03 am
in for the east bay parts of oakland dealing with heavy rain fell as low as alameda. highway 238. the same goes for most of san leandro. a lot of yellow on your screen there. catching a break in the north bay not too bad heavier rate approaching sausalito. as we take it to the mid peninsula around the airport encountering heavy showers. mark did mention we have delays on arriving flights at s f o. a lot of the heavier rain is drifting into the heart of the bay. it is pushing its way closer to the east bay. i want to track that for you to see where it is heading. the yellow on your screen that is pushing its way close to san lorenzo. 8:31 that is when it will rapproach and about a 34 the san leandro area. >> in the south bay green on your screen towards the los gatos, cupertino, sunnyvale
8:04 am
area heavy rain. east san jose and evergreen. this is starting to push its way through although it was a slow mover. light rain is tapering off as we head into 10:00 a.m. this morning. if a flash flood watch in affect for the north bay. overnight saturday stretching it to sunday morning storm number three will approach. be another strong system and other slow mover. this one is pretty serious, remember the ground is wet we have the possibility for down trees and power lines. he tells of what to expect an acute in your futurecast 4 in my next report george. >> we are looking at somewhat improved conditions for the bay bridge toll plaza as far as the metering lights are concerned there was an early morning power outage for the bay bridge. it knocked out the metering lights. the power to the overhead light was restored a while ago. it is only recently that they have restored power to the
8:05 am
metering lights. that takes pressure off the span but, it means big back of staff at the bay bridge toll plaza. 20-26 minute drive times. the other hot spot which we are tracking the ride on 880 south bound leading to the dumbarton bridge there have been flooding westbound on highway 84 here at newark boulevard. that has been cleared from the lane. always have been reopened. we have extremely slow ride as you can see. there is continuing problems on 8844 niles canyon road. it is shut down because of a mud slide between mission boulevard and some old road. semonthe eastbound ride is jammed up a big rig accident as you can see left traffic flow heading to the central valley. all the way from
8:06 am
livermore. you want to use 152 or highway 4 instead. we still have slow traffic working its way into castro valley. westbound 580 the dublin grid is not back up. the macarthur freeway is low. flooding in the south bay on the guadalupe parkway northbound it has backed up 87 almost all the way to highway 85. >> our team coverage continues with cruise around the bay area. let us go to our solo reporter mike pelton in castro valley. >> it is a steady downpour as it had been all morning long. cars have their wish to what is going. i have been out here two-three hours and the rain has not let up all morning. a steady downpour this morning along castro valley boulevard east of crow canyon road. traffic moving fairly steadily not really causing in the the delays on this stretch of
8:07 am
road. the sun has come of people have come out to get their day started. they are pulling into the fitness center a short distance away in their gym clothes. a lot of people are not bringing things with them they are having to split into the building to stay dry. -- sprint into the building. she has a big umbrella and she is from north carolina she is a veteran of trading days and today is certainly one of those. >> james has more on the storm. >> absolutely we will continue team coverage by staying outside we have kron fours yloi. monitor ring the storm. she is in san francisco. yoli we did stories about people collecting sandbags earlier in the week.
8:08 am
>> this neighborhood in particular has tried to prepare in case of flooding. last year i am on folsom street between 17th and 18th this is the lowest lane a part of this neighborhood. it has a tendency to flood whenever it rains. it has damaged and lot of the material that was in some of these businesses before, this time around the city provided sandbags and they have been put down. it is all down the street. let me show you. the worst part is these people on this side of the street say we are better off than the one on the other side. across the street is just a little lower than the side. last year this cafe really suffered some major damage as well as some of these apartments. some people were
8:09 am
stranded because there were doors in the back of the apartment in the interest to the apartment were totally flooded up to two or 3 ft.. they have their sandbags as well as to prevent any flooding. we will try to talk to people across street in the cafe in see how they are doing. they seem confident with some of the preparations they did for the big have rain. >> all that hard work works for them thank you yoli as we continue to follow the storm from all angles. >> we have more than 11,000 people without power this morning pg&e appears to be on top of things. we have djana moris joining us. we have about 7600 customers without power. the majority of the customers are in the north bay. we have about
8:10 am
3700 customers that are out between iran and napa counties. another 1000 customers are out in sonoma county. >> aris as large a group problem or an individual problem with the trees taking out one house or trees sticking out several lines to several houses. >> in the north bay in particular we do have a few large customer outages that are because of a result of one incident. the vegetation and have rain impacting power in those areas. >>jana mordis with pg&e. they're working hard to get power back. jana morris there it you can get up-to-
8:11 am
date information on our web site we also have twitter feeds that you can get more information on the storm. send us your pictures and we will put them on the air. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half.
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8:13 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning new is continuing to track the storm. a big back up with the metering lights earlier. the san mateo bridge also with very heavy rain a big back up westbound. we're dealing
8:14 am
with a lot of flooding more on the storm coming up. we are also watching the supreme court. let's take a proposition 8 will have more with our legal expert jim hammer coming up after the break. 0ñ@ñ
8:15 am
8:16 am
welcome back we have our legal expert jan hammer with us now. we are talking about same-sex marriage and from supreme court good morning jim. >> there are several
8:17 am
defensive marriage act cases about the federal law about the benefits not going to same-sex couples picnicked . >> is one of the biggest debt for gay marriage. finally the court will make a decision to take these cases appear in the case of proposition 8 the court to say we let it stand there why is that? it takes five votes to overrule it. maybe they did not have the votes to where they want to go. if today they said they would not take it literally within hours all across california same-sex couples may have a right to have merit. >> is a state prepared for that. because see a royal flush we have five years of pent up demand. >> that is so big that the to city attorney said can we have made so far would know this of the leading it security. if it comes down to that that is a huge huge legal issue. >> the supreme court is looking at cases to decide
8:18 am
which ones they are going to here and which ones they will announce a list of which was they're not going to here. >> off we are talking about proposition 8 advance gay american telephone everetmarria >> the question is constitutionally can the federal government discriminate against people because of their gender or sexual orientation. i think that is a more likely case it deals with the federal government and how it treats states that is the other big decision if they take that up. sometime next summer we will get a decision on that. >> there is this grand view of thinking in the courts that maybe we do not want to touch a state case maybe it is time the courts look into a federal case. or do they just look at it on a case by case basis? >> if there are supposed to look on a case by case basis sometimes the supreme
8:19 am
court sits back and says two states have decided one way three another let us put a parking later on it and see if the lower court can figure it out. the big thing that has happened until a couple of weeks agoat the ballot box have allowed same-sex marriage. now we have the democratic process for different states giving rights to same-sex couples to get married. >> there is a fair chance to take a step back and let that happen again we do not know what will happen until a couple of hours. >> a recap why we are waiting from the decision either today or monday whether or not to take proposition 8. if they take the proposition a case same- sex marriages cannot resume until the ruling. >> therefore be a are you from the supreme court in by next summer they will hand down the decision very >> is it possible that getting this round of cases they will not address proposition 8 or the other
8:20 am
cases? >> if there is a third twist here is what could happen, they could take do mo. and it could put that on hold a proposition a case until they decide the federal case. the third possibility they could simply put that on hold. same-sex marriage in california for the time being would be on hold. >> thank you for your input. >> we will continue our coverage with bay area weather and traffic let us get more on the forecast. >> is still coming down you can see the mid peninsula and most of the east bay as well we are catching some breaks for the north bay. as a resume izooming in over four tenths of an inch per hour in danville. about one-half of the ditch just north of san leandro. it depends on
8:21 am
where you're located. tracking heavy rain in antioch. to tens of minutes per hour. it may not be running the battle of the richmond san rafael bridge, highway 37 into thheading to the bridge. i do want to zoom in downtown livermore its stak580 interstate 80. this is impacting san leandro it starts to break up route oakland some light rain there. it is in pockets where it is coming down. you can see san francisco under the scope the yellow on your screen. that would continue to push its way south and to our east. in fact will take a look at when the yellow will make its way into the east bay. it does not look like we are seeing much, maybe have your ride around 8:52 4 the alameda area. we
8:22 am
will continue to monitor you can see the peninsula a little bit heavier around the san francisco airport. the southern peninsula part of the south bay it depends on where you're located heavier rain around redwood city. the same goes for east palo alto. rain falling at about two tenths per hour. we're checking heavy rain on highway 17 in los gatos. maybe to tenths of an inch in some spots. we will continue to monitor as we take it out to futurecast 4. henry rain out of the north bank as we push into the 9:00 a.m. hour. --north bay --heavy rain. saturday morning light towers tapering off. mostly cloudy conditions it is not until later that night overnight waking up sunday where round
8:23 am
three rows of round. heavier rate will come from the north bay first. the totals and the past 12 hours we are seeing impressive amounts 1.4 in. for san francisco and oakland. almost one is for livermore. two in one have is for santa rosa. we are not done with the system we have another one rolling through on sunday. satellite and radar shows the bigger picture we have moisture sitting offshore. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for tahoe we could see between eight and six engines. around 10,000 ft.--inches inches. bring your chance if you are headed in that direction your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows rain on sunday with a catch everett by monday with partly cloudy skies. do not put your umbrella away showers return to the bay area tuesday and wednesday. lighter in nature
8:24 am
and we could be dry again as we head into next thursday. more on complex 4 ahead of us at 8:23 we will check traffic with george. >> lot of hot spots as low spots. let us take a big picture look. i will taken around the bay area and show you the trouble spots. westbound highway 4. south bound 680 it to walnut creek and the san ramon valley. west 24 as slower ride. westbound for west of franklin k. in as well. big a delays with 580 ride in both directions. the eastbound big rig accident at flint is clear. it is heavier than usual from the dublin interchange at the castro valley. the name it is jammed up leading to the dumbarton bridge which have flooding problems that blocked all of lanes westbound. that is why the slow here. a mudslide shut down niles canyon road flooding in the south bay at the guadalupe parkway northbound has left 87
8:25 am
backed up to highway 85. the peninsula ride especially 280 from 92 and before all the way down to woodside there was a board down accident that started the back up is still slower than usual. look at the 101 ride south bound and northbound jammed up. in the north bay no problems necessarily 4101 marin but, the extreme north bay the us: 2121 and highway 12 it shut down because of flooding. earlier this morning it was shut down between 116 and eighth avenue. they have just closed out at the highway 12 interchange. at the bay bridge westbound a big back up the metering lights are active. all the lights have been returned after an early morning power outage. the [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things just keeps going up. [ female announcer ] but we have some good news. it's our bundle price promise.
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welcome back to the kron 4 news to in one half inches in santa rosa will add to the totals the hearing continues we will be back with more were is raining heaviest nam and more on the big back up some hot spots for the bay area freeways as the kron 4 morning news for the bay area freeways as the kron 4 morning news when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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8:30 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news we are tracking the storm hit the rain and
8:31 am
wind is blowing around eucalyptus trees. we are seeing a lot of debris on the roadways. as the heavy rain continues to pound the bay area concerts continue to grow about flooding. we will get the latest on track a lot of hot spots here it let us go to erica to the weather center is the were is raining heavy is very big if we have our lives swedes' going. storm tracker 4 lit up. you can see a lot of it sitting offshore. the rain has been sitting over concord, the san ramon valley. it looks like is not going anywhere anytime soon. let us a zoom in and around the bay area and take a look at rainfall rates. right around danville i have not seen too much rain coming out of walnut creek. it is a new approach san ramon almost two tenths of a n inch. you can see light rain for interstate 580 through
8:32 am
downtown livermore. also sing here ranges north of san leandro mainly around highway 13. the piedmont oakland area. as a ticket to the coastline and the peninsula heavy rain on the coast line at the bay bridge you concede pretty heavy rain in san francisco and daly city. less tracker to see what it will arrive in your neighborhood and would continue to push its way east it will be patrol hill around 8:39 a.m.. oakland 9:02 a.m. heavy rain is headed your way. if out of it expects heavy rain around 9 03 a.m. this morning. picking up pockets of heavier rain south city brisbane the bay shore freeway pushing itself towards 380 and san bruno. light rain over at the san mateo bridge the same goes for the golden gate out of sausalito. as we take it down to the south bay it depends on where you're located, heavy rain over the dumbarton bridge. 237 looks
8:33 am
better. we are seeing heavy rain on the way sitting west of the freeway. heavy rain headed to los gatos at 843. >> sunnyvale heavy rain headed a 50 1:00 a.m. this morning. brace yourself we're not out of the woods. taking it to your head like to have a flood flash watch for the north bay. that will expire on 9:15 a.m.. we could see streams of water heading down the street. a wind advisory for the higher elevations, off and on showers tomorrow. could catch a dry break tomorrow afternoon. overnight into sunday storm three will arrive this will be in a wet one approaching from the north bay first. we do have possibility for down trees and power lines because of all the instability in the ground. full details on that and walking through forecast for is a 30 3:00 a.m. on to traffic with george. >> we have show you the hot spot let us take a look at
8:34 am
the bridges. the back of not as bad as you may expect it is a slow ride is backed up the west grant ave. this approach 80 has improved of the last half hour the drive times have dropped to about 14-16 minutes. for your ride to the san mateo bridge we have the one time stop and go conditions across the span. now it is not doing too badly. 14-16 minutes drive times. your ride to the golden gate bridge have been steady the ride through marin is one of the best this morning. the drive times are actually running under 35 minutes from the bottle to the golden gate bridge. >> thank you george more on our storm coverage let us go to our solo reporter mike pelton has been covering the storm in castro valley. >> it is a steady downpour. it looks like this all morning long. from the looks of things there is no end at least in the near future. a lot of drivers have their wish to what is turned on as
8:35 am
the ride is pounding this area--wind shield wipers on. off is not stop all as far as the winds are concerned they have noare not too bad. a t of people are getting their they started they have come out with umbrellas and heavy jackets. i want to leave you with this shot mark. some of the water is gushing over the sidewalk you can see. it sums up the morning about what we are dealing with. >> we will get more when best-yoli has been kept out this morning in a look at areas that had been harder hit. >> they are approaching this storm differ from last tie. the last time it flood on
8:36 am
folsom street between 17th and 18th streets. it was april of the same year. that was like a freak storm that we did not see coming. it flooded the whole area badly. it was water that overflowed into the businesses and apartments. it was also some were water. a lot of people are nervous and are hoping that some of the things they put in place like sandbags and also other temporary pomps in case it starts to flood again. that-p--pumps. this is the lowest lying area of the mission district. whenever it rains hard and for a long period of time this area will have a tendency to flood. they are hoping all
8:37 am
the preparations for. >> thank you yoli she has given us the perspective of what the storm is light. we're also getting pictures from you the viewers coming into the newsroom. this one is out of cotati . people are be trying their best to get around the rain. this one is out of hayward were you can see a lot of water on the roads. this particular one is out of san francisco's marina neighborhood. here is another one showing you a tree lay across the street on the shoulder of the roadway. a lot of pictures coming in. it gives us a great chance to give you a more comprehensive view of what the storm is like around the bay area. keep the photos coming. e-mail them to us at breaking news at >> here is a live look in the sierras. it is 38
8:38 am
degrees. heavy rain right now. not great news for the skiers and snow boarders. >> ack
8:39 am
8:40 am
the recent storms, where does talk about how its rating. it was initially
8:41 am
reported 3 in. of snow but from maturities gales we're seeing a rain and snow makes. it is raining in the blue canyon. we are hoping the tops of the mountains will get fresh powder. we will keep watching the storm. it will be a little colder for sunday storm and we have a little bit of hope for that to get more snow in the sierra. the super storm sandy made a big impact on consumer spending in october. personal spending dropped 2.20% and september. this is a week as consumer spending since may. it makes up 7% of the u.s. economy. this drop makes up for it an $18 billion drop in
8:42 am
spending. we also saw personal incomes flat in the month of october. the dow has been fairly flat today. apple has begun selling factory unlocked iphone fives in the u.s.. it starts at $649 for the 16 gb version. pompous 64 gate versions add an extra 100 to $200. shipping times are estimated at one week and limners limits on orders are 2 per customer. we'll be right back as the crime for a news continues. here's a look at the bay bridge with traffic very slow right now. the power outage caused a metering lights to go out and that cause a backup.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
and the power outages around the bay and a live look at san francisco. when to wipers are getting a workout but the relief heavier rain we had earlier is done. it still looks pretty heavy and a lot of spots. >> it is not improved very much, especially in the east bay. we have had rain for highway 24. the san ramon valley and the antioch area. this is the wider view on storm tracker 4 and i want to get a quick look at rainfall rates for you. in danville a little more than a 10th of an inch of rain and dublin to tenths of an inch apart hour. it depends on where you are located. the interstate 580 look good over the altamont pass. the yellow is just past the downtown livermore
8:47 am
approaching 580 at 68. we're seeing rain there and portions of alameda. it looks like heavier rain is on the way. is currently sitting in the heart of the bay. let's see if we can see when it will hit your neighborhood. it looks like it will have alameda around 917. it will take a little longer to get there but it is certainly on the way. take a look at the north bank sausalito the golan gate bridge has light rain reported there. the bayshore freeway, dry with extra caution. we are contending with on the roadways that was evident earlier this morning for portions of 1 01 north of the golden gate bridge. the south bay it depends on where you're located we are seeing some heavier rain out there. almost to tens of an
8:48 am
inch over half an inch per hour currently falling headed to the south bay. it looks like san jose will be hit around 920. 916 for burbank 914 for santa clara and heavier rain on the way for a sunnyvale at 9 06 this morning. brace yourselves the we are not done with the heavy rain just yet. future cast four shows is predominantly in the east bay and the south bay and to the 9:00 hour. it could break up a little bit in the north bay and parts of san francisco and showers will start to taper off the net main front will continue despite its way southward. this is a slow-moving system and we have seen some pretty impressive rainfall rates today. scattered showers and relatively light nature later on tonight. it is a friday and folks have outdoor plans but it looks like it is dry for the mid peninsula and east bayshore line and maybe some rain in
8:49 am
the north bay. tomorrow morning scattered showers will continue to linger. mostly cloudy conditions and we have storm no. 3 approaching overnight saturday into sunday. when you wake up you'll see heavier rain in the north bay and it will grow in intensity and continue to track its way south. with a three systems, a pat yourself on the back we are almost through. fire conditions for just about everyone on monday. -- dry yeaer conditions we have several watches and warnings issued all over the bay area. the green is a flash flood watch that expires around 9915. when advisories' for the sacramento valeriballet. --vally
8:50 am
7 day around the bay more rain around the weekend and dryer on monday. it did not put your umbrellas away because it will be raining again on tuesday. more on your extended forecast coming up but right now it is traffic time with george. >> this is one of the slowest ride all over the bay area that we have seen in some time. and the east bay interstate 580 westbound coming from dublin and to castro valley the dublin grade is one of the slow as rides we have seen. it is still behind schedule for the 580 road from livermore. 583 oakland is jammed. 880 southbound is backed up into oakland. slow traffic beginning before the airport and last all way into fremont. their problems on the approach to the dumbarton bridge with flooding earlier this morning. it is still heavy
8:51 am
bleeding all into the south bay. 87 northbound and the south bay is still jammed up from 85. 281 01 pence love rides are slowing all the way along highway 1 01. the usually toll-free interstate 280 is jim from 90 to pass the brentwood road down to woodside. the bay bridge backup is easing a bit but there's still a high wind advisory on the span. this and the sale bridge ride drive times are not bad, 40 minutes. it is heavy and slow moving. the golden gate bridges at the peak now for southbound 1 01. the marin ride is still not too bad. flooding is still a major issue for 121 and highway 12 and had eight street. >> the 2012 atlantic hurricane season ends today. this season tied as the most active hurricane season on
8:52 am
record. they ended up with 19 named storms that 10 became a hurricane. one major hurricane, michael the strongest one. a positive note is the seventh straight year that the u.s. avoided a major hurricane landfalls. super storm sandy was not a hurricane when it hit landfall it was a post tropical storm at that point. even see the rain coming down the lightning little bit. there is localized flooding and big problems on the bay area freeways as we continue to follow the storm.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
we continue to track the storm on the kron4 news. heavy rain in the bay area we will have details, the storm will and. big problems on the road with hot spots. we will be back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues.
8:59 am
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9:01 am
the >> heavy rain and the bay. very heavy rain reported at the airport in south lake tahoe. as again to the higher elevation we're just getting into the snow at the summit. we're watching very heavy rain containing an arm of round up the bay area. that is moving into marin county and the east bay and the south bay. and john l. is in the weather center and has been tracking the storm >> it is slow to approach and slow to leave as well. it has been slamming us all morning and you can see the yellow on your screen indicating moderate downpour. we will track the rainfall totals for our right now. it looks like an jack is getting a 10th of an inch right now. i looks like
9:02 am
a 10th of inch light rain over e golden gate bridge but the south bay is getting slammed as well. all this is moderate to heavy downpour. it has been a slow-moving system impacting us with a range and heavy weapons. the north bay is getting slammed especially hard. 2 1/2 inches of rain. there's also a flash flood watch and sell nine of for the north bay. tomorrow we're expecting often on showers with some dry break. we of another storm approaching on sunday. because of the of accumulated rainfall totals we can see flooding mudslides and downed trees and power lines. we'll have more on your forecast of what is expected with sunday's storm. for now we will get a quick check on your traffic. my ride from
9:03 am
the south bay was really dangerous. >> we're still looking at extremely slow traffic around the bay. the east bay ride at where interstate 680 and the southbound direction especially through the san ramon valley this morning. almost a solid wall of traffic. it is over 34 minutes to get you down to the dublin interchange. from the dublin interchange out to castro valley again, a slow crawl for the entire stretch. 580 is jammed up. 880 in the southbound direction as slow from downtown oakland all the land to milpitas. one of the slowest 80 rise i can remember seeing. this was backed up because of problems on the dumbarton bridge reproached with flooding. that has been cleared. mudslide in canyon road. flooding on the
9:04 am
guadalupe parkway has traffic backed up all the way to highway 85 leading northbound. there ride on the meadowlands that it will be slow conditions here for the usually trouble-free interstate 280. 1 01 slow the entire length of the drive from sfo down to mountain view. one of the few bright spots has been the 1 01 commute from marin county. ho >> mike pelton is live in castro valley >> a steady downpour of rain still pounding the area here in castro valley. it has look like this for much of the morning. you can see on your screen that the rain continues to fall. i am along castro valley boulevard just east of crown canyon road. we have seen this for much of the morning. i have not seen any sort of lead over the past three or four hours. this allowed of drivers have their windchill wipers turned on. a lot of people
9:05 am
have come out of their homes this morning with the mls and thick jackets. despite the gloomy conditions some nice folks out here tell me they welcome the rain. >> i love the rain. at the heart of the rain the better for me. >> would be like about it? >> i know it just shows that it's wintertime it's what response do we need said let it happen. >> some of the water's edge is spilling over the sidewalk here along castro valley boulevard. from the looks of the clouds around the it appears as a the end is nowhere near close to in sight. it looks like it will rain throughout the morning. the winds are not too bad out here, they have died down from what they were earlier this morning. if you're heading out today you're going to wanted to grab the jacket an umbrella. it is a what one out here in the east bay. >> let's head to san francisco where it yoli it is giving us a view of conditions there. and the sandbags are out
9:06 am
>> so far so good. there is no wonder that this area gets flooded when this gets this kind of heavy rain. this is one of the lowest areas of the mission district in san francisco. a long time ago before these houses were up it was a creek. mission creep. a lot of water comes in. the big problem here is not so much of the drain gets clogged and water starts to rise it is that it's flooded underneath and you start getting water coming up from the trains. it becomes almost a sewage problem. that is why happened last april of this year. a freak storm came through and all that came up from under the sidewalk and onto the sidewalk and into these businesses. it really caused a bacterial problem. this is what is making them so nervous. this time around the city has provided sandbags. there are a couple
9:07 am
other things in place that hopefully will help. they're really hoping for a long term fix. every time it rains these residents and these merchants always get very nervous. >> so they are watching at with great interest as we are all around the bay area. >> the latest numbers coming in we had over 11,000 but people in the bay area without power but the numbers are coming down. pg&e reported 7600 people without power right now. 3700 of them were in the north bay where they were had the hardest. the peninsula was just under 900 people without power. san francisco over 400, that number has been growing the south bay 330 people without power. these bay is coming down from several hundred to just 60. >> live pictures out of philadelphia where the
9:08 am
president is talking about the fiscal cliff. an argument with republicans and how he wants things to go forward and how to avoid the fiscal cliff. the tear- gas to say >> we know how to do that but in washington nothing is easy sell there's gonna be some prolonged negotiations. all of us are going back to get out of our comfort zone is to make that happen. i am willing to do that and i am hopeful that enough members of congress and both parties are willing to do that as well. we can solve these problems. but where the clock is really taking right now is on middle-class taxes. at the end of the year middle-class taxes that are currently in place are set to expire. middle-class tax cuts that are currently in place are set to expire. there are two things that can happen. if congress does
9:09 am
not every family in america will see their income taxes automatically go up on january 1st. every family, everybody here will see your taxes go up when the reverse. i am assuming that does not sound too good to. it sounds like the local you get for christmas. >> that is the president talking about the fiscal cliff and about attack its rates going up for the middle class. his tax plan is to elevate for the top 2 percent earners. there trying to find middle ground between now and the end of the year. we'll be back with more coverage in just a bit.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
the bay bridge had a problem with the metering lights down because of the power outage. the golden gate bridge traffic is a bit on the lighter side dealing with the rain pushing through. we have video of the rain hitting highway 24 at the caldecott tunnel on the east side. as you see it as a rough commute there this morning. we are also watching wall street the dow fell below 13,000. is
9:13 am
down 23 and sitting at 12,998. apple will start selling the new slimmed down i mac desktop computers today. the model to 21 1/2 and screen will cost $1,300 and up depending on configuration. the model with a 27 in. screen will started $1,800. they have no disk drive making the edges one-fifth the thickness of the old model. apple revealed the models a month ago but they start selling today. will we back as the kron4 news continues as we track the storm. 89 and scott, rain. all the rain in the sierra right now it is even raining at downer like right now.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> send us your video and your picks of breaking news @ kron4 .com. >> this strong pacific
9:17 am
system has been impacting the bay area all morning long. it is a slow-moving system really heating the east bay. the north bay got rainfall totals about two and a half inches. we have a flash flood watch until 9:00 a.m. in the north bay. will have some dry breaks monday but that is just ahead of another storm headed our way. down power lines trees and power outages are affecting us. the yellow areas indicate a moderate downpour and we're still getting about a 10th of an ant's an hour and san leandro. it will also push their sam francisco towards the bay bridge. the north bay is getting moderate downpour as well. a little break from moderate downpour een getting slammed right now. the peninsula and
9:18 am
brisbane is getting some moderate for. the north bay, for their no. 7 fellows getting light rain as the yellow sella's passing through the area. we will track it for you. future cast four showing moderate to heavy downpours in the yellow and orange color and the reagan read it is indicating really heavy rain. by 5:00 p.m. your evening to meet will still be dealing with some scattered light rain. 10:00 p.m. the same issue mostly in the north bay. we will be waking up to scattered showers in the morning and starting your weekend off with wet conditions. sunday morning it will push in the north bay. moderate for indicated by the yellow on your screen. we're expecting significant rainfall with the next system. we'll take a look at rainfall totals with this. in the past 12 hours and engine half in san francisco also thunderstorms
9:19 am
earlier this morning with us up to 50 mi. an hour. in just under 2 1/2 inches for santa rosa. this map is completely lit up showing how messy it is out there. the flash flood watch expires monday nine a m in the north bay. 7 day around the bay shows as we will continue to see rain throughout the weekend with the heaviest a system on sunday. monday we could catch a dry break but it looks like we're not in the clear yet. more showers had our way tuesday and wednesday. >> we continue to monitor a lot of hot spots here. still some of the slowest traffic we have seen in a long time. east bay rides interstate 680 is still jammed most of the way down to a dublin out of walnut creek to the san
9:20 am
ramon valley. that is an extremely slow ride. was down 24 is not the worst a pretty slow. 880 and the southbound direction is a really unusually slow ride. it is backed up all 8980. you will find spots of slow and go, sometimes stopping the traffic all the way down to 238 and beyond. it was heavy traffic getting down towards the dumbarton bridge because of flooding on the approach that really backed up the traffic all the way to oakland. 580 is still jammed out of the dublin interchangeably in west toward castro valley. 680 is still unusually heavy for your right to this an old grave. niles canyon road shut down because of a mudslide this morning. most of the heavy traffic is still confined here to the guadalupe parkway and 85 between cupertino and mountain view. still looking at a slow ride for interstate 280 all along
9:21 am
the peninsula and the southbound direction. it is especially heavy from the ford 92 before san bruno all the way to woodside. new reports of flooding on 280 and highway 35. i did check for your bay bridge ride westbound the back of bridges to west grand ave. the 80 approaches your fast as. the salmon sale bridge has reasonably light traffic but as slow moving still. you can see is still very wet. the golden gate ride is passed the peak in the 1 01 marin ride has been one of the easiest and the morning. >> at least there's a silver lining to all this rain and that the reservoirs are getting the water supply they need in the bay area. before the rain the morgan ride the reservoir was only 13 percent fall. you this is entirely dependent on run off from the rain. they take
9:22 am
care of half of the south bay's water needs. earlier this month because a water main break caused a mass of mud slide in daly city and left a hole in the heady in the hill and trees were covered with mud. they're building up the hillside and hoping that it will hold. >> the plastic that the people for the water, i think we will be ok. >> contractors hired by daly city had to stop construction of the hillside to gear up for the brain. once the rain stops they will go into rehabilitation mode. -- rain we will be back in a few moments here is the bay bridge.
9:23 am
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9:26 am
heavy rain and wind but we're seeing things like not been the south bay. traffic at the a's 7 interchange 1 01 northbound there are lots of bright lights at the top of the screen as morning. also more of your pictures and kron4 this is an could tidy this card is covered up to the wheel wells. in hayward someone driving snapping up pictures showing the wet road ways. here's another picture of a tree down in san francisco's marina. senator pictures here to breaking news at kron4 .com. caltrans on high alert this morning covering the storm. we're at this center and oakland keeping an eye on
9:27 am
things >> we're keeping an eye on bay area traffic 247. inside the traffic management center caltrans. the california highway patrol and-are paying close attention to the roadways. more than 300 cameras placed on highways streets and bridges throughout all nine bay area counties. caltrans spokesperson about hoss says crews are on standby in case the weather causes major traffic delays. >> what we see on this map here is the doubt. if there green dots the traffic is moving normally if there yellow traffic is moving slowly and red dots means the traffic is stopped. we have a lot of red dots we know we have a problem. we can call the traffic jam are closest to it to find out what the problem is in real time. >> koss says the situation dictates which crew grows where. trains were cleared of debris during the day but there's no telling what will happen when the rain really
9:28 am
starts to fall. >> if we have been downed tree we notice that and we send a tree grow. if we of a downed power line we send pg&e. if it chp we will notify ambulances. if is a stalled vehicle we will send coatracks, things like that >> the latest on the storm and traffic hot spots and the break. the fatah starting to lift a little bit and traffic i
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> on morning this system
9:31 am
has been bringing us with gusty winds up to 50 mi. an hour associated with thunderstorms. the yellow indicates where we are seeing moderate downpour. the east bay has been getting a pretty heavy all morning long. san ramon is coming down at a 10th of an inch. sausalito is just under the pretense of an inch. all of the red color indicates that heavier downpour in those areas along the peninsula. pacifica as well as, right now and finishing in the south bay as tree scattered in terms of moderate rainfall. it is headed towards palo alto and san jose. it will continue to impact us throughout the morning hours with flash floods and effect for the north bay. tomorrow we are expecting off and on showers and some dry breaks. we have a third system approaching us on sunday and we are
9:32 am
expecting some pretty significant rainfall from the system as well. we will have your full forecast coming up including future cast to track the storm for the rest of the day. >> we continue to monitor the slowest traffic and hot spots around the bay area and let's start in the east bay. the nimitz freeway and interstate 580 both directions of the nimitz are jammed through oakland. as heavy as it is and northbound direction is have your southbound. from oakland ollie and to milpitas. that's right. you'll see this 880 ride is still jammed all the way into the south bay. they're hardly any breaks for the ride coming out of downtown oakland. for your ride the the south bay is the guadalupe parkway that is still jammed up from 85 due to flooding. it is backed up the on the 280 interchange even though the flooding was in downtown san jose. 85 is
9:33 am
still slow from cupertino and to mountain view. interstates 280 still remains as slow ride for hillsborough all the way down to one side. flooding as reported at 280 and highway 35. 1 01 us on both directions. north bay flooding has shut down 121. it was a train highway 116 n. eighth street and now it is completely closed here at 12 as well as shut down. the water is so deep that cars are getting stuck in the high water. >> let's get an update from our sole reporter mike pelton in castro valley. >> the rain is still falling and falling hard in castro valley. i am one castro valley boulevard just east of crown canyon road and you can see the steady downpour of rain like we have seen all morning long. i have not seen any sort of level over the past several hours tariffs many drivers have their wish to wipers'
9:34 am
crank up. and those that do walk outside have umbrellas. despite the gloomy weather a lot of peopl on >> we need the rain that is for sure. we need a lot of hay and we need the rain for the grass. >> you live on a ranch? >>. it is pretty good for us. >> this does not look like it is going to let up any time soon. if you are going out today grab the jacket an umbrella and do what ever you can to try to stay dry. >> the big question is when is it going and? >> the of the question of folks in the mission are asking this morning. the risk of rising water and their neighborhood is and then they're very familiar with. yoli is here to explain why >> thou herrenvolk history between 17th and 18th is
9:35 am
basically the los lying point of sam francisco. you have runoff from twin peaks from try hill burn all heights it will end up in this area. we have the tendency for this to flood. and what people are doing so nervous about is not of the drain is clog but it was underneath and the water starts coming up and you are dealing with sewage and water. last april we had a really strong storm coming in and that is exactly what happened. a lot of these residents and merchants had to deal with a lot of bacterial toxic stuff. they're very nervous at this point. luckily bay at are working with the city and the city is working with them. they're hoping to be able, they will have a place
9:36 am
to go in wages and up on the sidewalk but at least it will be clean water and help lead the sandbags will prevent them from going into any of the businesses or buildings here. and despite its justice it tight and wait thank. they've done all they can do to avoid flooding but it is just a matter of seeing if it will work or is a template.six tempoy fix. >> there are limbs of trees and other debris and the roadway, this is coming from the north bay. also sfo from a kron4 of your with buckets of rain is coming down. it's raining sideways and some of the pictures that we're seeing send in by our viewers. if you've a picture of the rain or storm this morning sanded and. breaking news at crown not,.
9:37 am
we will put them on the air as well as our facebook page. and hercules last year the house i you see here gave way and that pushed the number of homes off their foundations. they had to evacuate. anticipation of this year's storm the neighborhood association has put an alarm system. pg&e reporting the total is down to about 5000. that is about half of what was this morning. 3700 customers a north bay with no power 1250 and the north course 900 and sonoma 880 on the peninsula. in the eas will be back as a kron4 morning is continues. the top cam is the only one was
9:38 am
know i can find. it is snowing at donner summit the a little piece at dilate it is raining.
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
papa impose >> we have the video in from investors in the sierra and the snow in heavenly. the reported 3 in. of snow on wednesday and are expecting more. their only see it in the higher elevations right now. we could get more than 7 ft. but again it is higher elevations. that is snowing at donner summer but is raining at downer like. we're also tracking the devastation for super storm sandy is impact on the u.s. economy. an effect on
9:42 am
consumer spending in october. spending dropped 0.2% in october and that is down from an increase of 0.8% in september. it is a week is selling for consumer spending since may. it represents 70 percent of the u.s. economy. incomes also remain flat for the month of october. the dow was down a few points right now, it is affecting the market. letting social laying off 400 employees. it is being called the latest sign of trouble for the online coupon sector. this is just after amazon reported a loss from living social. a spokesperson wake of suggestions from critics that the daily online deal sites are all of them. we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. a live look as we're watching some berries heavy rain in
9:43 am
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this is a fax big rig also double parked on valencia's street just a few blocks away. if you drive up and down the lead to street is not hard to find double parkers. these are not your average double parkers, these drivers are blocking the bike lanes. these are lanes set aside just for bikers. >> they don't care about us. if i go round i get hit and they don't care. they always do this. >> even with the threat of a hundred and $13 parking ticket they still do it. not just double parkers, look at
9:47 am
this driver. blinker on while cruising the bike lane. a lot of truckdrivers are using the center line to park instead of blocking the bike lane. i spoke to the fed ex driver making a u- turn on the less the. he said he just puts the tickets on his manager's desk. i wonder if he gets to do that with moving violations as well? there is always been a love-hate relationship with bicyclist and drivers. they still need to coexist and share the road. >> i understand sometimes at cars and trucks need to double park but i feel unsafe when i have to go in and out of the bike lane. they're supposed to yield to you and they don't. >> for the record by claims are not convenience parking spots. they are for bikers
9:48 am
not trucks not cars and not buses. >> the video coming into kron4 from oakland showing eucalyptus trees being blown around. heavy rain and strong when especially here at over 800 ft.. we're tracking the storm coming through and it is just not letting up. heavy rain from santa rosa to san jose and even concord livermore and stockton. it will be moving into sam details shortly. we are hoping for a break and we have another big storm coming in on sunday. >> it has just been sitting over the entire bay area all morning long. the to see the yellow on your screen indicating moderate downpour. the east bay has been impacted all morning as well. berkeley is getting just under two chance of an inch right now pinole is about the same. alameda is
9:49 am
getting just about a 10th as well. we are still dealing with this moderate sell headed towards daly city. the golden gate bridge as a matter itself sitting there as well. as we pushed down further into the peninsula we are seeing a really heavy rain passing through pacifica right now. it is making its way through brisbane in san francisco and san mateo. and to the south bay scattered by nature and passing through palo alto. los gatos is dealing with some light rain there as well as cupertino. we will track for you throughout the day but there'll be a flash flood watch for the north bay and effect until monday. tomorrow off and on some signed a some dry break we could see down trees down power lines and power outages will definitely be a factor with this storm. future cast four shows
9:50 am
where we are seeing the have the cells right now. by 11:00 a.m. it will help up a little bit. the will continue to put pushed down towards the south. the evening commute light rain for the east bay along san mateo coastline. 10:00 p.m. for those of the headed out we will have a little bit of aid dropping and east bay. you'll still need your umbrella as we head into the weekend. waking up to scattered rain and into the overnight hours on sunday morning we have the third storm approaching. we are expecting most of the heavy downpour to stay in the north bay a we are expecting a lot a significant rainfall totals from this system as well. for the past 12 hours about an inch and have accumulated for sam francisco. over a quarter in concord in just under two and half inches for santa rosa. the flash flood watch for the north bay, wind advisory along the delta as
9:51 am
well as the east bay. 7 day around the bay we'll continue see the wet weather into the weekend. the heaviest storm coming on sunday and we'll have a dry break on monday but we will see showers again by mid- week. >> we're seeing almost grudging improvement on the freeway. this has been a really rough ride. the nimitz freeway, oakland still slow in both directions but finally starting to break up a bit here on the southbound side. sluggish and intermittently very slow traffic out of oakland through hayward union city especially heavy into fremont continuing into milpitas and even into san jose. the guadalupe parkway northbound is still jammed up from highway 85. we have had flooding since the 6:00 hour northbound at taylor. flooding tying up the drive on 1 01 in and out of semblances go right here at filbert. there was a southbound accident at
9:52 am
caesars out beds and that is added to the slowing as well. we continue at delays in north bay with 121 shutdown between napa and shell built very through show billed between highway 12 and eighth street. it is not expected to until 4:00 this afternoon. if that is your route home you have to pick a different one. the bay bridge ride the 80 approaches your best one to the bridge. we are back up just beyond 80 here and drive times are about 19 minutes. the sale bridge ride is still a what one but the traffic is finally thinning out and drive times are 12 to 30 minutes. the golden gate bridge commute has been steady even an easy one all morning long. >> the 2012 atlantic hurricane season ends today. this season tied as the third most active hurricane
9:53 am
season on record. at the 20 slow season had 19 named storms 10 of them becoming hurricanes but only one was a major hurricane, michael. this is the seventh straight year that the u.s. avoided a major hurricane making landfall. super storm sandy was no longer a hurricane when it actually did make landfall. coming up after the kron4 news episode of dr. phil beaten star been locked in a room. the man and his ex- wife making headlines when they were arrested in connection with the alleged abuse and starvation of three of their five children.
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